Lime is a crude and gritty exploitation short film produced by Josh Barnett and directed by Tyler Richards. My role on the film was Sound Recordist however I have been brought back on it to be the Online Editor. It is slated to release early 2018.


The PECULIAR Case of Andrei Calgotta

The Peculiar Case of Andrei Calgotta is a Jazz influenced, 1950s era short film produced by Theo Jessel and directed by Orestes Mersinias. I have been brought onto the project as the Offline Editor, working closely with Orestes to help him achieve his unique vision. It is slated to release mid 2018.



Mel is a comedy web series created by Show-runner Steve Rehman. I was Post-Production Supervisor and part time Sound Recordist. This meant that I occupied the role of DIT on set then oversaw the entire post-production process. I edited one of the episodes myself and supervised the team of 4 other editors ensuring the tone and pace of the show was kept consistent throughout. It is slated to release early 2018.