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Nun the Wiser is a comedy short film written and directed by Mikolaj Wasowski which. follows the escapades of three Nuns featuring in a holy game show. It was shot at Battersea Studios and I was brought on due to my previous experience working in a TV Gallery. I operated the 5 remote controlled studio cameras and vision mixed live to create the ‘show’ which the editor will cut to during the short film. I was also incharge of operating other systems on the shoot such as the teleprompter, DMX lighting controls, and I was the DIT for the shoot.


I Remember You is a live performance music video for the up and coming band Shanti. Shot in Studio Z in Brixton we used two distinct lighting setups and several small battery powered light on the instruments for a unique looking video. It was directed by Aurore Greindl and Shot by Maximillian Brunner. I was the Editor, and worked as the DIT on set.


Jodie is a feature length drama revolving around a couple dealing with the sudden loss of their infant child inspired by the social realism of Mike Leigh, Andrea Arnold, and Michael Haneke. It was written by Luke Canavan, directed by Stephen Coll, and produced by Viktor Condratov. I was Location Sound Recordist and Post Production Supervisor.


Dyson Makeathon is a Promo made for Dyson’s Makeathon event at Imperial College London. I was Location Sound Recordist, and Editor.




Gliese is the working title for a Sci-fi feature film Directed by Basil Moore. As part of the pre-production I was tasked with editing together a proof of concept (POC) trailer which was shown at the American Film Market to potential financiers. On top of this I also had to do some conceptual VFX for the trailer to help sell the idea and all in just 4 days. The film was successfully financed and will start shooting in September of 2019.


Demon Days is a surreal fantasy short film produced by Josh Barnett and directed by Viktor Condratov. My official role on set was Location Sound Recordist. I have, however, been attached to this project from it’s inception helping with the visualisation especially with the shots that will require the VFX as I am also overseeing the post-production and doing the offline edit. Being the Sound recordist on project I will also likely edit is often extremely useful as I can help advice all areas of production with any edit questions they have, and give more informed decisions on what I can and cant fix in post so we never have to do aditional safety takes if I can confident there is a post workaround.


The Stocky Broker is a short documentary directed by Theo Jessel. It follows the training of a Stockbroker turned amateur boxer in his first bout in an exclusive White Collar Boxing competition. I was the offline editor, delivering the cuts to the professional Sound designer and Colourist. I then did the online edit, VFX, and prepared deliverables, including a DCP for a cinema premiere we had in October 2018. The film is currently being shown to potential buyers. It was recently picked up for it’s first Film Festival.


Lime is a crude and gritty exploitation short film produced by Josh Barnett and directed by Tyler Richards. My role on the film was Sound Recordist however I was brought back on it to be the Online Editor.



The Peculiar Case of Andrei Calgotta is a Jazz influenced, 1950s era short film produced by Theo Jessel and directed by Orestes Mersinias. I have been brought onto the project as the Offline Editor, working closely with Orestes to help him achieve his unique vision. It is slated to release late 2019.



Mel is a comedy web series created by Show-runner Steve Rehman. I was Post-Production Supervisor and part time Sound Recordist. This meant that I occupied the role of DIT on set then oversaw the entire post-production process. I edited one of the episodes myself and supervised the team of 4 other editors ensuring the tone and pace of the show was kept consistent throughout.




McAlpine Miller Label is the fashion label attached to renowned contemporary artist Stuart McAlpine Miller. I was part of the team of 4 who shot the promotional material and then edited a thirty second loop that they could play continuously during galleries. I am now currently working on a longer length promo for them at their request. 



Fisherman's Daughter is a thriller-fantasy short film by Varvara Galanova. I was the Offline Editor, and together we turned around a complete picture-lock in just three days to enable it being entered into Film Festivals. 



She is a music video made by Varvara Galanova for the metal band North of the Fall. It was made as part of the '2 Weeks To Make It' competition, so the turnaround was very quick as wehad 2 weeks from conception to delivery. I did all aspects of the Post Production including the VFX and colour grade.



The Piano Shop is a short documentary about Desmond Gentle, a piano shop owner in Camden. I was brought on as the editor when the original creators were struggling since this was the first piece of film content they had ever produced.



Enfermé is a short thriller-romance film made as part of a 48 hour film festival. It was a challenging experience as I was the only crew member who was both on set and the sole editor so after 36 hours non-stop filming I had to then had to deliver a completed edit within 12 hours. 



Vaporwave: the music behind the meme

Vaporwave: the Music Behind the Meme is a short documentary about an obscure online music genre. I produced the documentary from concept to delivery.



Prey is a TV Show Pilot I produced start to end as part of my college course.


Picus Viridis

Picus Viridis is a short film based on a graphic novel of the same name by Anthony Blades. It was shot and edited by myself and included Super 8 film from my family's collection that I recorded using a prism. 


Falling - Enkidu

Falling is a self shot music video. It includes underwater footage filmed by putting a fish tank in a bathtub with the camera in it and filling the bath up around the tank. 



The Bohicas - The Making of

The Bohicas - The Making of is a music video I was a Production assistant on whilst doing experience at Partizan. I helped organise elements of the shoot such as acquiring the van, props, and transporting crew for the location recce. On set I transported the crew and band, and was a general assistant for the crew and cast.