Demon Days - Sound Recordist



Post-Production, specifically editing, is my main passion and where my skillset lies. After making a range of content I am proficient on most aspects of post-production from offline editing to asset generation and VFX. I have experience with multiple post-production programs, specialising in the Adobe suite, specifically Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop. I am also currently learning to use the Avid Media Composer suite to expand my skillset and be able to edit on a wider range of industry standard software.

Sound Recordist

My desire to sound record stems from my experience with editing as it has highlighted how important high-quality sound is for any level of project. In the past year I have been taking most every opportunity to sound record with the intent to learn through experience. I have done sound recording for a number of productions from short films to EPK and masterclasses with actors such as Bryan Cranston and Rupert Graves. I believe the link to post production allows me to make far more informed decisions on set regarding sound as I have first-hand experience with editing sound. This has taught me to understand how to avoid audio related issues in editing.







Mcalpine Miller Label Promo - Editor and Camera Operator


More About Me

I am an independent film maker based in Ealing, London, specialising in post-production and sound recording. I have worked on a wide range of projects across all forms of contemporary media including film, TV, and online content.

I started editing at a young age, making my own home videos and it quickly grew into a passion.. I turned this passion into a revenue stream when I edited montages and other gameplay videos on Youtube for my own channel as well as other popular channels. I was scouted and partnered with, allowing me to boost my revenue with new advertising and promotional opportunities. This included partnering and creating content for a channel with over 1 million subscribers. The diverse range of content on Youtube gave me experience creating content for a variety of purposes and audiences. 

After this early success online, I decided to take a Film and TV course at college which broadened my experience with other platforms of film making.. During the course I created content such as TV shows, short films, and music videos. These projects I took from concept to delivery giving me invaluable experience of every stage of production and allowing me to try a range of team and leadership roles including Producer, Director, and DOP.

After college I was granted a place at Met Film School in Ealing where I am currently studying for my 'Practical Filmmaking' Degree. It is on this course I have discovered the importance of high quality, well recorded location audio and this spurred me to start working as a Sound Recordist. Film school has increased my knowledge and experience to an industry standard and I use my spare time to gain real world experience on sets and undertake professional work as an Editor and Sound Recordist. 


01. film

I have worked on numerous short films both as an Editor and Sound Recordist as well as being the Online Editor for a feature length film.

02. TV

I have had experience being a Vision Mixer and Video Technician on a live music TV show

I have also been a Post-Production Supervisor on an online web series overseeing all aspects of the editing process. I have also produced a TV show pilot from concept to delivery of a 30 minute episode. 

03. Music Videos & Promos

I have produced and edited multiple music videos and promos for various clients. These range from fashion label promos, to informational videos for biological research.

04. online content

I spent 3 years creating online content for Youtube channels. I was partnered with multichannel network creating content for my own channel alongside content for channels with over 1.1m subscribers. 

With this experience I went on to advise clients on how to build a channel and how to make content suitable for different online platforms.